A Linthicum Heights Tradition!

– The Story –

The original Show started in 2017 and was 45 minutes long! One show at 7pm and a second showing at 8pm. While this was absolutely beautiful and magical.. 45 Minutes is a long time to have people standing in the cold! In 2018 Jeff switched to a 15 minute run time that starts at 7pm and repeats until 9pm. This helped as 2018 saw over 2000 People come through our neighborhood to experience some Christmas Magic! 2019 was even bigger with a brand new show featuring creations and scenes from Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Frozen, Rudolph, A Christmas Story and More!

2020 Brought a new house, a new county and a new town! Featuring Thousands of Lights, Projectors, Lasers, Fireworks, Music and More!! We were visited by thousands over the course of Christmas 2020. We met amazing neighbors and really feel we found an amazing community to be part of.

2021 Will not only include a brand new Light Show on the front of the house, it will also include a full blown walk-through Christmas Light Experience! Jeff has already begun work on this project and cannot wait to treat 21090 to something amazing!

Always remember that this is a residential neighborhood. Please respect Jeff’s neighbors and their property.

Featuring numerous picture opportunities, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Lights, Interactive Displays, Childhood Memories, Laser Projection Mapping, Music, Snow and so many SUPRISES

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